This week’s podcast: an exhausting opener for NPH

This week, CHML’s Scott Thompson wanted to get my thoughts on the first episode of Best Time Ever with Neil Patrick Harris. The host described it to me several weeks ago in Montreal as seven or eight different shows thrown into a blender and that was pretty accurate. The Tuesday night opener was bright and… Read on

Touring the TV landscape with Humble & Fred

It’s always fun to drop in on Humble & Fred, even when they’re not really expecting you. I forgot to confirm my booking Monday and just showed up at 7:30 a.m. at their “5-Hour Energy Studio” down near the lake in Toronto’s west end. The had me on anyway. Ever gracious despite their cheeky radio banter, Howard… Read on

This week’s podcast: will Apple core cable?

Jamie West was sitting in for Scott Thompson this week on CHML’s AM900. He had lots of questions about Apple TV getting into the content business. Is this the death of cable, West asks. Hang on. Big changes are coming to cable and specialty in Canada, for sure. Netflix is the catylist, not Apple TV,… Read on

This week’s podcast: remembering Yvonne Craig

Yvonne Craig was introduced at the start of the 1967-68 ABC season as Batgirl on Batman. I would have been 10, so I would still probably have been more excited to meet Adam West, but Lordy, Craig helped rush a lot of us through puberty. The actress died Monday at her home in Pacific Palisades, Calif., from… Read on

This week on SiriusXM: thank you Colonel (Norm)

On Monday, Arlene Bynon asks about the news that Tracy Morgan will return to Saturday Night Live. He’s scheduled to host Oct. 17, following the 41st season opener with Miley Cyrus Oct. 3 and Amy Schumer Oct. 10. Morgan, of course, suffered serious head injuries in a terrible car accident in June of 2014. The… Read on

This week’s podcast: Blue Jays ratings trump even Trump

CHML’s Scott Thompson starts this week by acknowledging this is a funny time of year in TV land. Sure, news is starting to build about the upcoming fall season, but, asks Scott, is there anything worth watching now? The answer seems to be yes if you’re a Blue Jays fan. Canada’s team is on fire… Read on

This week’s podcast: Stewart exits stage left

My usual Monday radio chat with SiriusXM’s Arlene Bynon was moved to Tuesday this week. The sad news comes first as we discuss the breaking story about the death of CBC daytime personality Chris Hyndman. Then Arlene gets right into Jon Stewart’s departure at The Daily Show. (His last show is Thursday on Comedy Central,… Read on

This week’s podcast: CHCH is porn again

Oops they did it again. They aired porn on Hamilton’s CHCH, so naturally Scott Thompson’s could hardly wait to talk about it on this week’s CHML AM900 radio chat. How does hard core pornography just accidently wind up on an afternoon broadcast? At least this time it was only for 5 seconds, but it was… Read on