Garry Marshall 1934 – 2016

Poor Hector Elizondo. Now what is he going to do? I thought of Elizondo first when I heard the news last week that Marshall, who’d had a series of strokes very recently, had passed away. He was 81. Back in 2007, CBS held a TCA press tour party outdoors. I got talking to Elizondo at… Read on

Noel Neill 1920 – 2016

You don’t expect to run into Lois Lane and Jimmy Olsen at Disneyland but that’s exactly where I found them in 1985. That was 30 years ago, then 30 years after The Adventures of Superman wrapped. Noel Neill played scoop-happy reporter Lane opposite George Reeves as Superman/Clark Kent and Jack Larson as cub reporter Jimmy Olsen. She died earlier… Read on

Ann Morgan Guilbert 1928 – 2016

If they were saluting TV players instead of film stars, Ann Morgan Guilbert would fit right in on that TCM segment “What a Character!” The Minnesota-native, who died earlier this week at 87, made a career stealing scenes–especially back on the series she is most remembered for, The Dick Van Dyke Show. It is worth… Read on

Muhammad Ali 1942 – 2016

When people ask, as they occasionally do, who is the biggest star I ever met, I only ever have one answer: Muhammad Ali. “The Greatest” died Friday in Scottsdale Arizona. He was 74. Growing up as I did in the ’60s, there was no bigger hero than Ali. He was mesmerizing in the ring, floating and… Read on

Goodbye Canada AM, hello to a new morning at CTV

On Thursday, when the news broke, there was a temptation to blame the sudden shuttering of Canada AM to loosening Canadian content requirement requirements. These were implemented last year by the Canadian Radio-television Telecommunications Commission. One of the results of that “Let’s Talk TV” pow-wow in Ottawa was a gradual reduction in the number of hours Canadian Over-The-Air… Read on

Clairtone: ode to a Canadian original

I write about television, but very seldom about television sets. This is a story about one I brought home from my parent’s house today. It is a Clairtone. It was the first colour set my family owned. With my mom’s move to a retirement home, the time had come to sell and empty out her… Read on

Alan Young 1919 – 2016

Like Art Linkletter, Alan Young was one of those Canadians embraced as all American in the early days of U.S. network television. He died earlier this week at 96. Born in England, his family moved to Scotland and then, when he was six-years-old, West Vancouver, He got hooked on radio as a lad due to… Read on

A fond look back at The Courtship of Eddie’s Father

In a brave, new digital era of binge viewing, trust me to get hooked on a series which began back in the ’60s. The Courtship of Eddie’s Father ran for three seasons, from 1969 to ’72. I liked it as a pre-teen and enjoyed it even more the past several weeks as I caught up with… Read on