TV on Film Project II opens to Corus of cheer

Critic’s Corus (l-r): Owen McCorquodale, Danielle Sefton, Film Boy, KateCalder & communications manager Netta Rondinelli. Photos: Barbara Kelly A flurry of print deadlines has kept me from thanking some folks who helped make Tuesday’s TV on Film Project screening such a success. First and foremost, thanks to Netta Rondinelli and her communications team at Corus… Read on

Leno will depart The Tonight Show in February

NBC officially fired the gun on Jay Leno’s victory lap, announcing Wednesday that the No. 1 guy in late night will step away from The Tonight Show–this time presumably for good–next February. “JAY LENO ANNOUNCES HIS DEPARTURE FROM SUCCESSFUL 22 YEAR RUN FROM NBC’S ‘TONIGHT SHOW’ IN SPRING 2014” reads the network release headline. Two… Read on

This week’s podcast: Leno out, Fallon in?

Fallon with Mariah Carey: ready for his Tonight Show coronation? On this week’s scintillating podcast, CHML’s Scott Thompson wants my take on rumours that NBC are dying to shove Jay Leno aside so Jimmy Fallon can take over the Tonight Show.It does seem as though Leno’s days on Tonight are numbered. He still wins in… Read on

TCM Remembers 2012

Andy Griffith, Larry Hagman, Ernest Borgnine, Phyllis Diller, Davy Jones, William Windom–the list of great actors, entertainers and filmmakers who have died in the past 12 months seems to get more sobering every year at this time. TCM always creates such a beautiful tribute in their annual “TCM Remembers” videos. The haunting song used this… Read on

City has Seed, CBC feed while TVO bleeds

Man, go out of town for a couple of days and you can miss a lot. I was in Halifax the beginning of this week, a guest of Citytv’s PR corps as they invited press to tour the set of their cheeky new comedy Seed. The single camera series will launch early in the New… Read on

Rogers opens doors to the TV on Film Project

Michelle Lomack (far right) and her Rogers’ PR players Tonight is Halloween, but it was Rogers shelling out last night at their cool and comfy in-house Toronto screening room, the Velma Rogers Theatre. That’s where the inaugural TV on Film Project was launched, and many thanks to the folks who braved the elements to come… Read on

The TV on Film Project: before the medium became the message, it was on film

I’m excited to be hosting an industry  screening of rare 16mm films today at the Velma Rogers Theatre at Rogers’ headquarters in Toronto. Many thanks to Michelle Lomack and her PR team at Rogers for providing such a comfortable shelter from the storm! Looking forward to a fun gathering with industry folk, with the next… Read on