This Week’s Podcast: let it snow

This week with on 900 CHML, Scott Thompson wanted to know if more people sit inside and watch TV during winter snow storms. Generally that’s true. Most series ratings peak around January and February. There are plenty of reasons why the Super Bowl broadcasts dominate the U.S. list of all time highest rated TV shows,… Read on

This Week’s Podcast: Oprah, Friends & LaLanne

Been a while since I’ve posted a radio chat with my old pal Scott Thompson over at Hamilton, Ont.’s CHML. Apologies for my froggy voice–it has dogged me since the TCA hack-a-thon earlier this month in Pasadena. Scott wants to talk about Regis Philbin’s announced departure from Live! (he will be 80 this August) as… Read on

This week’s Podcast: yakkin’ about Yellowknife

It was odd, as I tell Hamilton’s CHML radio dude Scott Thompson, to be sitting in Yellowknife earlier this week and watching Southern Ontario get hammered with snow. The TV at the Explorer Hotel was hooked up to satellite, and a CHCH channel was among the options. Things looked a hell of a lot more… Read on

This Week’s Podcast: more on Lennon, Dailey

This week’s chat with CHML’s Scott Thompson starts with a clip from Sunday’s Christmas episode of The Simpsons. Scott wanted to know if the Simpsons were as relevant now as when the series started 21 years ago. I dodge the question but suggest the series is running out of stories. New writers needed, Scott asks? Perhaps,… Read on

This Week’s Podcast: Rogers’ $1.3B bid for Leafs

On this week’s podcast, Scott Thompson at Hamilton’s CHML wants to know how Rogers’ $1.3 billion bid for Maple Leafs Sports and Entertainment could affect how we watch future Toronto Maple Leaf games on TV. Would this ultimately spell the end for Leaf games on CBC’s Hockey Night in Canada or Rogers Sportsnet rival TSN?Not… Read on

This Week’s Podcast: Blades’ smashing finale

In case you missed Monday night’s Battle of the Blades finale, as CHML’s Scott Thompson did, here’s the end credit clip showing winning Russian pair Valerie Bure and Ekaterina Gordeeva bobbling the crystal trophy. Ker-smash!On Sunday night’s show, co-host Kurt Browning accidentally kicked in a camera, so Battle of the Blades is ending just in time… Read on

This Week’s Podcast: from Conan to Ka-boom

This week with CHML’s Scott Thompson we discuss Conan O’Brien (Scott feels his new TBS series is getting better and better), this U.S. cable net reality show contest to find new Glee students (to be added during the third season) and the screwy Gemini Awards broadcast. Just to recap, The Tudors, which stars an Irish actor and is… Read on

This Week’s Podcast: a real fix for late night

This week, Scott Thompson at CHML wondered if all this fuss about the return of Conan O’Brien was worth the trouble. Some commentators this week have been suggesting that the old late night formula is tired and irrelevant and O’Brien needs to move on to something new. (Even the Christian Science Monitor has weighed in,… Read on