Daily Smile: Writers Strike Edition

Check out this strike spoof gem from YouTube. It uses classic film clips to tell “The Writers Strike Story (So Far).” Don’t miss the lolipop kids, they are to laff.

Shameless Self Promotion Plug No. 468

Gotta love my pals at CH in Hamilton, Mark Hebscher, Donna Skelly and producer Lawrence Diskin. They very kindly invited me on CH Live @ 5:30 today to blab about my book, Truth And Rumors: The Reality Behind TV’s Most Famous Myths. The show airs at, believe it or not, 5:30 (and repeats again tonight… Read on

Sophie Comes Out On Top

What the? Despite being panned by critics, supremely unfunny sitcom Sophie bested jPod in the ratings this week as the CBC rookies continue to goose the CBC schedule. jPod, starring David Kopp as a gamer dude, drew 472,000 viewers across Canada according to Tuesdays overnight ratings report from BBM/Nielsen. House on Global was the big… Read on

Leno, Kimmel Connect in Late Night Summit

More evidence that The Tonight Show is having a hard time booking guests during this writers strike: last night’s opening guests were a Priest, a Rabbi and a Minister. Good thing Jimmy Kimmel was Jay Leno‘s next guest. The Jay/Jimmy love-in last night wasn’t the vent-a-palooza I was hoping for last night but it was… Read on

Sophie Not Choice

If you were looking for laughs last night, you had to look past CBC’s new Wednesday night comedy Sophie. The gag at the end of the first episode was enough to make you gag. Sophie, played by Natalie Brown (that beguiling chick from those Bailey’s commercials), is lurching from crisis to crisis is what has… Read on

This Week’s Podcast: Jaywalking with Jimmy

Scott Thompson at Hamilton’s Talk Radio CHML checks in this week about–what else?–the never ending writers strike and the big news for Thursday night: Jay Leno and Jimmy Kimmel guesting on each other’s shows. Listen here.As far as I can recall, no two network late night talk show hosts have ever pulled this kind of… Read on

Simon Sez

Just got off the phone with Simon Cowell. Rather, off the Fox phone conference with the American Idol judge, which is nowhere near the same thing. Feeling a little bit like a contestant who came all the way from Canada for an Idol audition but didn’t get a chance to sing. The way these telephone… Read on

Less Than a Million Cross The Border

One thing my old pal Jim Bawden was always quick to flip were the numbers. Since the long time TV columnist was squeezed out at The Toronto Star late last year, those overnight TV ratings have more or less gone missing in that daily. Well, the numbers are in on The Border: 710,000 viewers caught… Read on