This Just In: Canadians Like Canadian TV

Been a monster week for Canadian TV, topped with news that The Rick Mercer Report hit its highest rating ever this Tuesday with an estimated 1,275,000 viewers. That puts it ahead of CTV’s perennial made in Canada ratings winner, Corner Gas, which drew 1,230,000 Monday. (All figures BBM Nielsen Media Research.) Even red white and… Read on

Pel-a-D’oh! Part Deux

Be the first on your street to own a Pel-a-D’oh! Center of Excellence T-shirt! The 100% removable garment comes with a smiling portrait of the Reverse-Midas CEO, complete with “Simpsonized” chinless grin and teflon-coated business attire!Order today and receive a free Brian Muldoon Chia Pet! Simply place in The Sun and watch it absorb every… Read on

The Degrassi Myth

Is it time to stick a fork in the Degrassi franchise? The teen drama is into its seventh season, drawing 585,000 viewers Monday night on CTV. That’s okay for a domestic drama, but below the 650,000 CBC’s The Border has been averaging so far and less than half the audience of the show that followed… Read on

Border Boost

Ratings for the new CBC drama The Border went up in Week Three–a very good sign for the action hour. Is adding easy on the eyes Sofia Milos to this show a factor? I’m guessing yes. An estimated 659,000 Canadians tuned in last night at 9 p.m., up 60,000 from the week before. Over at… Read on

Oprah Takes A Hit: Blame Obama?

Oprah Winfrey may be paying a price for her endorsement of U.S. presidential candidate Barack Obama.The Queen of daytime TV still leads the syndicated talk show field, but her lead over TV pseudo-shrink Dr. Phil McGraw is shrinking. Worse, her ratings are down 17% year-to-year—21% among her core viewers, women 18-49.That was one of the… Read on

Good Night, Emily

Susanne Pleshette and Tom Poston were at a TCA press party a few years ago, standing on the back lawn of the Ritz Carlton in Pasadena like they owned the place; maybe they did. The two first met in 1959 when they appeared together in a Broadway play called “The Golden Fleecing.” They had a… Read on


It is a year to the week when I was canned by Quebecor’s Sun Media. What were the odds Quebecor Inc. CEO Pierre Karl Peladeau would declare bankruptcy before I did? Wish I had made that bet. Over the weekend, Pel-a-D-oh! ran out of deadlines in a last ditch attempt to persuade European bankers to… Read on

Week Three: The Border Tightens

When I first weighed in on The Border two weeks ago I acknowledged the trap TV critics often fall into–judging a series by its pilot, as bad as judging a book by its cover. Time to turn that page. Tonight at 9 p.m., the CBC action hour returns with a third episode and, three chapters… Read on