We Stand On Guard

Big night on Global tonight: a new House at 9 followed by the second episode of The Guard.The B.C.-based, Canadian coast guard drama launched to respectable numbers last week, clocking in at an estimated 808,000 viewers.That’s tops among the half-dozen 2008 Canadian series launches so far, nudging out CBC timeslot turnarounds The Border and The… Read on

In The Book, Bob

If you missed my visit Friday with Mike Stafford on Toronto’s AM 640, click here to hear this exchange about one of the more famous tall tales in Truth And Rumors: The Reality Behind TV’s Most Famous Myths. The story: Newlywed Game host Bob Eubanks once asked, “Couples, where is the most unusual place you’ve… Read on

Analyse This

In an age when everybody has too many entertainment options and not enough time, can a smart, daily drama work? In Treatment premieres tonight at 8:30 p.m. on The Movie Network (9:30 PT on Movie Central). The HBO drama stars Gabriel Byrne as psychotherapist Paul who, through the week, sees five very different patients. Monday… Read on

This Just In: Men Are Fools

Tonight marks the second episode of The Week The Women Went, a new CBC reality show my teenage son refers to as “Kid Nation, only with men looking like idiots instead of 10-year-olds.” Having screened tonight’s hour (which airs at 8 p.m., preceding the fourth episode of The Border), I can see why the women… Read on

New Day For Knight

Remember K.I.T.T. the talking crime-fighting car from the ’80s? The one that out-acted David Hasselhoff? Twenty-five years later, NBC is bringing it back as a TV-movie with hopes that it leads to a series. The updated sequel will air Feb. 17 on NBC and Global. Here’s the NBC teaser: In the new version, K.I.T.T. (now… Read on

The Puck Stops Here, Anonymous

Some gutless wanker who goes by the clever handle “Anonymous” has been clogging my comment box with garbage. Seems he’s offended by the notion that “Canadians like Canadian TV.” Sez the big numbers this week for new shows like The Border, The Guard and Test The Nation–not to mention the 856,000 pulled Wednesday by Little… Read on

Shameless Self Promotion Plug No. 469

Friday at 1 p.m., punch AM 640 to catch Mr. TV Feeds My Family blab about–say it with me–Truth and Rumors: The Reality Behind TV’s Most Famous Myths. I’ll be joining the one and only Mike Stafford on Stafford at Large. We will get to the bottom of several myths, including these tantalizing whoppers: Lee… Read on

This Just In: Canadians Like Canadian TV

Been a monster week for Canadian TV, topped with news that The Rick Mercer Report hit its highest rating ever this Tuesday with an estimated 1,275,000 viewers. That puts it ahead of CTV’s perennial made in Canada ratings winner, Corner Gas, which drew 1,230,000 Monday. (All figures BBM Nielsen Media Research.) Even red white and… Read on