Undertakers dead last on The Amazing Race Canada

If you missed last week’s premiere of Season 5 of The Amazing Race Canada, you missed seeing “The Undertakers” compete. The mother and son duo of Deborah and Aaron Baker were the first team eliminated this season. They hail from the remote border town of Grand Forks, B.C. and had vowed to run the entire… Read on

My week in Vietnam with The Amazing Race Canada

Now it can be told: I was in Vietnam in May with The Amazing Race Canada. I was fortunate to travel with CTV’s Jim Quan, my ol’ Sun shooter pal Mark O’Neill–the series’ in-house stills photographer–and my other ol’ Sun Ent pal Jim Slotek. We were flown to Taiwan on a 15-hour flight and then on… Read on

The Amazing Race Canada: Santiago scrapbook

Hola! Yes, I was in Chile and Argentina in May, invited by CTV to cover this third season of The Amazing Race Canada (Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET). It truly was an amazing experience as I write in this wire story posted today at The Canadian Press. In the photo above, snapped by my old… Read on

John Brunton on CBC icing Battle of the Blades

John Brunton says he’s “had better days” after Thursday’s CBC bombshell With all the hits hockey has taken lately, one yesterday sent TV producer John Brunton reeling. CBC dropped a bombshell Thursday by announcing that Battle of the Blades would not be part of its 2012-13 season. “I’ve had better days in my career,” says… Read on

TONIGHT: Canada’s Got Talent

The folks at Rogers held a press conference Friday in Toronto to promote Canada’s Got Talent. The star search spin-off premieres Sunday night at 8 p.m. ET on City-TV.The three judges–Martin Short, opera singer Measha Brueggergosman and composer Stephan Moccio–joined host Dina Pugliese at the session, along with executive producers John Brunton and Ed Robinson.How… Read on