Worst… Year… Ever

This year in television, of course, will be remembered for the writers’ strike. Now set to enter a third month, no talks are scheduled and no end is in sight, although this whole deal with David Letterman and his Worldwide pants getting to return to the air Wednesday night with his writers while Jay Leno,… Read on

Best & Worst of 2007? Fagetaboutit

One of the things I always hated doing when I was at The Toronto Sun was typing out those annual year end lists. It always seemed so phony and arbitrary to me. The lists would generally only reflect headlines from the last months or so, not the entire year. And the so-called “entertainer of the… Read on

Farce Could be with CBC in 2008

Who will take a chicken cannon blast on the chin in tonight’s Air Farce New Year’s Eve Special (8 p.m. on CBC)?I already know, having attended the taping last week with my son and a friend. (While Air Farce Live episodes have indeed been live this season, the New Year’s special was taped in advance.)… Read on

Huckabee Movie: Talking Down to Americans

Canadian viewers will recall that U.S. president George W. Bush was one of Rick Mercer’s most famous victims on Talking To Americans. The hugely popular CBC special, spun off from This Hour Has 22 Minutes, first aired in 2001. Mercer, posing as a legitimate CBC reporter, thrust a microphone in front of the campaigning presidential… Read on

And So This Is Christmas

The three wise men (Ricky, Bubbles and Julian) have finally arrived from the East (or at least from Alliance Atlantis). There they are, the Trailer Park Boys, in all their gingerbread glory, right down to the licorice empties stacked outside the house and the snow-covered cookie tires in the yard. They followed a star, which… Read on

Late Night Unscripted: Still Good For A Laugh?

What is Jon Stewart supposed to do on The Daily Show when it returns without writers Jan. 7–just mug for half an hour? Some might say he does that now. But, seriously, it is a half hour satire of daily news events. Is he just going to sit there, read the paper and make faces?… Read on

This Snowman Has Snow Balls

Wrote about this at length today for The Canadian Press but here is a Frosty new promo from CBS that demonstates that, when it comes to Interactive content, the Tiffany network is ahead of the curve:

“Family” Radio Tunes Into Late Night

On this week’s podcast, CHML’s Scott Thompson and I talk about the late show hosts and the writer’s strike, especially the exclusive side deal Letterman’s production company Worldwide Pants has cooked up (but still hasn’t officially announced). Plus there is some fascinating chat about a certain Truth and Rumors book that you might have read… Read on