Christmas came early in TV Feeds My Family land yesterday when a dude from DHL Express knocked at the door. In his hands was a box from Greenwood Publishing containing ten brand spankin’ new copies of my book, Truth and Rumors: The Reality Behind TV’s Most Famous Myths.
I may have mentioned the book once or twice on this blog before. Hey, what can I say, it is a kick to see your name embossed on a spine.
I was especially pleased to see the 14-year-old crack open a copy and gawfaw over entries like, RUMOR: Jimi Hendrix was once the opening act for The Monkees” (True), and, “RUMOR: Soupy Sales once asked kids to go into their parent’s wallets and send him ‘those funny green piece of paper with all those nice pictures of guys with beards on them'” (also true!).
While we’re knee deep in self promotion, a couple of blogger buddies, John Cosway at Toronto Sun Family: 1971-2007 and Dennis Earl have also been kind enough to post a report or two on the book. I’ll have more news in the coming weeks about store signings and stuff so, hey, you’ve been warned.

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