In the post below, TV Feeds My Family awards our first “Swag of the Week” award to a box full of cute chewy Trailer Park Boys gingerbread cookies. Yum.
Less edible but no less intriguing was the arrival of a small white envelope a week or two ago containing one tiny brass key. Attached was a note:

“We have hope. Join the resistance to ensure our survival.”

I checked the envelope. No, not from the Writers’ Guild. Instead, some gibberish about a mysterious company called “Tech-com.” The note continued:


“Keep this key. You will need it in the near future. Do not let it fall into enemy hands. It’s time to TAKE BACK THE FUTURE!

Yesterday, a large box arrived from Fox (always big on promotional swag, bless ’em. It’s as if they get that we’re in the fun business). Besides enough foam chips to wipe out an endangered species, inside was a squat, steel safety deposit box. The key fit (another was attached in case notoriously absent-minded TV critics lost the first one) and inside was a DVD screener of the first two episodes of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. The series premieres Sunday Jan. 13 at 8 p.m. before switching to its regular timeslot the next night at 9 p.m.

There was also a nifty little flash drive which contained the following brief message:

The kid seems kinda obsessed with this take back the future thing. There were more messages but my 14-year-old son said “Dibs” and made off with the whole enchilada.

It all sounds intriguing but I couldn’t help thinking: what if the Trailer Park Boys gingerbread cookies had been in the Sarah Connor box? What if Julian, Ricky and Bubbles were the ones fighting to take back the future, or at least take back the empties? It’d be a cool show, eh?

Man, this writers strike thing is killing me…

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