There’s only one topic tonight: the long-awaited return of the late night talk shows. Everybody wants to blab about it, including my old pal Scott Thompson at Hamilton’s Talk Radio station CHML. Mr TV Feeds My Family morphed into Mr. Radio Feeds My Family today as CBC radio stations from across Canada checked in, including stations in New Brunswick, Calgary, Montreal, Yellowknife, Quebec City, Thunderbay, Whitehorse and Toronto.
A camera crew from CBLT in Toronto even made the trek out to Brampton to get this critic’s take on the return of Letterman, Leno and the others on CBC News at Six.
It got so jammed up I actually had to turn down a chance to chat with my buddy David Gray over at CBC Newsworld. Damn, and his cheques always clear!! Fingers crossed we’ll hook up tomorrow for the Leno, Letterman post mortum, but for now, check out the CHML chat here.

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