Ratings for the new CBC drama The Border went up in Week Three–a very good sign for the action hour. Is adding easy on the eyes Sofia Milos to this show a factor? I’m guessing yes.

An estimated 659,000 Canadians tuned in last night at 9 p.m., up 60,000 from the week before. Over at CTV, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles slipped under the million mark to 960,000. Strike challenged Global vamped with that lame-ass Starsky & Hutch movie, starring Ben Stiller, which somehow drew 675,000 viewers.

CBC scored an even bigger number at 8 p.m. with the bizarre new reality series The Week The Women Went. An estimated 770,000 tuned in according to the overnights. Women viewers probably loved it–Canadian men have never looked dumber.

The highest rated show of the night? CTV’s dependable Corner Gas, which drew 1,230,000 viewers.


  1. Starsky & Hutch is a work of art. Not as good as Zoolander but OK. Stiller may be the best actor since Alvey Moore.

  2. I stand corrected. The mime scene when he shoots the pony in the garage is almost right up there with Strangers With Candy.

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