Some quick numbers. Mixed results for CBC newcomers with two shows moving in opposite directions. The Border has seen its ratings rise the last two weeks, reaching an estimated 760,000 Canadians Monday. (All figures overnight/preliminary data from BBM NMR). Tuesdays, however, have been tough on jPod (starring Alan Thicke and Sherry Miller as pot-headed parents, above), with the quirky gamer dramedy (159,000 viewers this week) getting flatlined by a new episode of House on Global (2, 159,000). Yes, that’s exactly two million more House viewers. Stat!

The fact that jPod slips dramatically from This Hour Has 22 Minutes (well off its weekly average at 512,000) ain’t good news, either.

CTV continues to win Tuesday with American Idol, scoring the night’s (and likely week’s) biggest number at 2,786,000 viewers. Rick Mercer still managed nearly a million opposite on CBC with 904,000.

Despite that huge lead-in from House, Global’s new Canadian drama The Guard slipped to 650,000 viewers in week two, down from 770,000 the week before. Global’s bragging rights to having the nation’s No. 1 new domestic drama lasted exactly one week.

Also on Monday, The Week The Women Went (858,000) was a very competitive third behind CTV’s Corner Gas (1,138,000) and Two And A Half Men (1,115,000) and Global’s movie night entry Batman Returns (913,000).

In early evening, Degrassi continues to languish at 446,000 kids. Isn’t it time for school to be out already?
UPDATED: One Monday show I forgot: Part Two of Would Be Kings was a royal bomb with 448,000 viewers, CTV’s lowest-rated TV-movie numbers in memory. And that was opposite a nothing State of the Union address on the U.S. nets.


  1. My mistake in not posting that–I’ll add it to the blog. Would be Kings did not do great–just 448,000 viewers on CTV.

  2. Great site. You wouldn’t have last nights Sophie numbers would you? Thanks tons.

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