Friday at 1 p.m., punch AM 640 to catch Mr. TV Feeds My Family blab about–say it with me–Truth and Rumors: The Reality Behind TV’s Most Famous Myths.

I’ll be joining the one and only Mike Stafford on Stafford at Large. We will get to the bottom of several myths, including these tantalizing whoppers:
  • Lee Marvin appeared on The Tonight Show in the ‘70s and told Carson that the bravest man he ever knew was Bob Keeshan (Captain Kangaroo) who fought beside him during one of the biggest battles of World War II.
  • Tommy Hillier made racist statements about African-Americans, Hispanics and Asians on Oprah Winfrey and was tossed off the show.
  • Ensign Chekov was written into the second season of Star Trek after an editorial in the Communist daily newspaper Pravda chided the sci-fi series for not having a Soviet crew member aboard the starship Enterprise.
The book, of course, is available at (follow this link). It may also soon be available at your local Chapters/Indigo stores; there should be a deal soon to add it to their catalogue, with the possibility of some local store signings and other special events. I’m guessing there will be further updates right here on this very blog.

Time to single out my Brampton Buddy Fred Patterson, he of “Humble & Fred” fame. (Check out his blog.; it is to laff.) Ever since I had lunch with Fred a few weeks ago at the lovely Montana’s at the Trinity Centre, I’ve been getting calls from all his radio pals throughout Southern Ontario (including Stafford), saying come on by and blather about yer book. The man is a well connected mensch. He’s a frequent guest on CH Live @ 5:30 and on various radio shows all over the dial.
He’s just posted a very cool podcast featuring his exclusive interview with Peter Griffin, half of the “Pete ‘n’ Geets” radio team. Griffin helped bring “underground rock” to CHUM-FM back in the ’70s. While you’re at it, check out Griffin’s vintage Radman TV spot, a YouTube oldie Patterson has posted, it brings back memories.


  1. Denis–
    I’ve contacted Praeger and told them to get cracking but they are not too swift in getting copies into the hands of Canadian reviewers. I singled you out as somebody who has been waiting patiently and needs a book now. (Maybe you should give me your parent’s address in the States!)They still haven’t sent copies to book reviewers at Canadian dailies. I took the last copy I had and drove it down to The Sun last week.
    They are, however, shipping me 10 copies and I’ll set one aside for you and let you know as soon as it arrives. Maybe we can meet up with Anonymous in some bar and share a drink. (He can buy his own copy.)

  2. bill brioux 12:01AM
    “maybe we can meet up with anonymous in some bar and share a drink (he can buy his own copy)”

    I suppose that times are indeed tough in the TV business if the two of you have to “share” a drink. And what kind of drink would that be? A Pink Lady perhaps?

    As for your book Bill; The Reality Behind TV’s Most Famous Myths, you haven’t used any anecdotes from Canadian TV. A Canadian version of Truth and Rumors wouldn’t have enough material for a magazine article – that’s because without American television there’d be nothing to watch in Canada.

    Suggestion; change the name of your blog to
    “American TV Feeds My Family” and you might get more than half a dozen hits – you’re welcome.

  3. Bill — just caught the end of it. Sounded good and lively. Can’t wait to read the book.

    Could you stand being on the CBC radio? this sounds like Q territory.

    Can you get the anonymouse to do the audiobook version? Or would that just be too squeaky?

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