If you were looking for laughs last night, you had to look past CBC’s new Wednesday night comedy Sophie.

The gag at the end of the first episode was enough to make you gag. Sophie, played by Natalie Brown (that beguiling chick from those Bailey’s commercials), is lurching from crisis to crisis is what has been foretold will be the worst year of her life. Eight months pregnant, she discovers that her cheating scumbag boyfriend just ran off with her best girlfriend/client and stole her promotional business out from under her. All the stress throws her into early labor and she delivers a cute little boy who happens to be–wait for it–Black.

Har-dee-har-har-har! Holy lord, this stopped being funny back in the ’60s.

Sara Botsford plays an over-the-top actress which is a tough assignment when everybody else is already cracked way past 11. Amy Lalonde (above, with Brown) plays the man-stealin’ hussy.

The series is spun from a Quebec comedy and you know how well that usually translates. Jamais funny. I see my old pal Howard Busgang’s name among the consulting producers (his last two shows, The Tournament and An American in Canada, both should still be on the air) and all I can say is I hope the cheques cleared.

Makes you wish the writers strike was happening here.

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