Facebook Friends Foil Bill C-10 Scam

The slogan at the bottom of David Kahane‘s University of Alberta web page says it all: “Start Something.”Kahane certainly did. The associate professor of political science–specializing in democratic theory and practice–got an email Thursday from a friend, playwright Brad Fraser, outraged at something he’d read in the Globe and Mail. Attached was the story, “Tories… Read on

Tempest in a Tax Credit

Holy Lord, Canadian TV is going all to Hell.News that the Tories are trying to sneak through a morals clause in a tax bill has put a chill into Canada’s creative community. In a nutshell, the Harper government has added a clause to Bill C-10, which is heading into a third reading before the senate,… Read on

Numbers Not There for MVP

No amount of monkey business seems to be able to save MVP. The steamy CBC drama scored 258,000 viewers Tuesday night, down 20,000 from the week before. This the same night CBC 8 p.m. lead-in The Rick Mercer Report soared to 1,025,000.Across the ice, the last half of MVP faced off against another Canadian production–the… Read on

Roger Over and Out?

Roger Catlin has always been one of the sharpest cats on the TV beat. On press tours, his questions from the floor can be counted on to penetrate through the thick haze of spin and mediocrity. His wry observations for The Hartford Courant are a daily must read for TV fans everywhere, thanks to his… Read on

This Week’s Podcast: Kimmel and Bits

More TV talk with Hamilton’s Scott Thompson, including why Jimmy Kimmel should host the Oscars, what’s the deal with that show Tom Green does out of his house and the storm brewing in late night with that whole hand off to Conan O’Brien of Jay Leno’s Tonight Show. Plus Oprah’s Big Give–does it give you… Read on

Life Imitates Art?

Is the Barack Obama U.S. presidential campaign retyping old West Wing scripts? Saw this over at Denis McGrath’s Dead Things ON Sticks today: You can read McGrath’s take on this here. The Slate video cleverly juxtaposes the real and imagined campaigns but the underdog, outsider bid by Matt Santos (Jimmy Smits) wasn’t that much of… Read on

Jaywalking All The Way to the Bank

Nobody has a better handle on the late night scene than Bill Carter at The New York Times. The author of The Late Shift and, more recently, Desperate Networks, Carter’s connections with industry power players runs deep, even after he’s spilled the beans so many times in the past. I know from personal experience that… Read on

Viewers Run Back to The Border

That “Yes!” you just heard came from CBC where The Border rocketed back up to 716,000 viewers Monday night. The Week The Women Went had another solid outing Monday, drawing 802,000 viewers. The Series finale is in two weeks, but look for CBC to bring this one back, with small towns in other regions like… Read on