Today is Family Day, the new statutory holiday in Ontario. Leave the dog in front of the set and go out and do the family thing. TV Feeds My Family is celebrating with this photo of Tippy, my parent’s first born, in front of their trusty ol’ Admiral (or was it a Marconi?) He was probably watching Lassie.
Tonight is a busy night of TV with a seventh episode of CBC’s The Border (penned by blogger buddy Denis McGrath, who has more info on it here, including a trailer for tonight’s episode). It’s up against another new Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles on CTV plus a rerun of House on Global. Tonight also brings the last new episode of Prison Break for a while (8 p.m., Global), a new Brothers & Sisters plus the debut of the FX thriller Damages on Showcase (10 p.m.). FX has already ordered two more seasons of this suspenseful law drama, featuring Glenn Close, Ted Danson, Tate Donovan and Rose Bryne. Or you can watch the dads do exciting things like clean their grills and pick up empties on The Week The Women Went. Also, there’s a new Medium on CTV at 10, but you already knew that.
Or you can just turn off the damn set as this reader of Roger Catlin’s TV Eye blog has done. Fed up with delays to his favorite show, 24, due to the writers strike (it’s been postponed until January, 2009), he’s staging a viewers strike. Somebody call Jack Bauer!

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