No amount of monkey business seems to be able to save MVP. The steamy CBC drama scored 258,000 viewers Tuesday night, down 20,000 from the week before. This the same night CBC 8 p.m. lead-in The Rick Mercer Report soared to 1,025,000.
Across the ice, the last half of MVP faced off against another Canadian production–the season premiere of CTV’s Robson Arms. Despite the most erratic scheduling in television (comet sightings are more predictable), Robson Arms attracted 686,000 viewers in the estimated overnight ratings.
Now, following American Idol (2,326,000) didn’t hurt Robson’s return. MVP should be so lucky. But even Big Brother on Global managed to scare up 766,000 viewers opposite MVP and Idol. The rookie CBC series, which premiered last month on Friday nights before being moved, is the low point on an otherwise strong Tuesday night for the public network.
Other Tuesday numbers: Global’s The Guard slipped to 431,000 viewers at 10 p.m. opposite CTV’s Law & Order (1,045,000) and the CBC National News (749,000). CBC’s This Hour Has 22 Minutes, which has three new episodes left this season, clocked in at 639,000.


  1. That does not bode well for a pickup, which I think happens this week. I would be shocked if this and Jpod were picked up. Any numbers for Sophie yet? Thanks

  2. jPod has to get picked up!
    It’s so much better than MVP and is going after a completely different demographic for the CBC. I think the numbers are pretty consistent so far for the Pod. It needs some nurturing time. Not to mention most people download jPod off of Torrent sites. How do ratings actually work? Are they still using those archaic Neilson boxes in houses in middle Canada. I’ve never known anyone to have one. I can’t imagine many 18-30 year olds having one in their house. They don’t even own houses at that age!

  3. don’t have it in front of me, but from memory, sophie did about 610.

    its lead-in (lmop) did great: 1.02 or so.

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