Strikes, Spears and Misses

Visiting my Hamilton media buddies Mark Hebscher and Donna Skelly today on CH Live @ 5:30, this time yakking about the end of the writers strike and what that means for viewers. (Hint: it means about as much as it did last week.)
Also will be sharing a second CH segment with Erin Phelan of Reader’s Digest Canada talking about the cult of celebrity. (Take Digest’s Are You Obsessed with Celebrities timewaster quiz here). Is our fascination with the same seven celebutants finally on the wane? As I told Angelina, Brad, Paris and Lindsay just the other week, like, totally.
Actually, have to agree with David Letterman’s assessment a week ago that spanking Britney Spears in public stopped being fun when it became painfully clear that, not only is she a danger to herself, but that her kids are at risk, too.

Mr. TV Feeds My Family will also be a guest this coming Wednesday morning at 7:20 a.m. on CHUM-FM with Roger, Rick and Marilyn in the morning. The subject? Not sure if I’ve mentioned it at this site before but it’s about my new book, Truth and Rumors: The Reality Behind TV’s Most Famous Myths. Hey, we all have to be obsessed with something.

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