People have been so busy defending Canadian TV shows they haven’t had as much time to watch. Overnight ratings estimates this week show Monday’s The Border was down a buck-20 to 590,000 viewers. The Week The Women Went scored 627,000 well down from the near-million the series flirted with a couple of weeks ago. Part of that drop–as noted by a commenter to this post–can be attributed to Monday’s election night coverage in Alberta, where Border and The Week were both preempted.
CTV’s Degrassi was seen by 520,000, but viewership continues to drop for CTV import Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, down to 668,000 and 683,000 viewers in two airings Monday. Global did better than usual with its latest SBMNMR (Stale Blockbuster Monday Night Movie Rental), Mr. and Mrs. Smith, which nabbed 966,000 viewers.

Sunday’s Part I of CBC’s The Englishman’s Boy lassoed 805,000, edging CTV’s Cold Case (803,000) but behind Global’s Big Brother (903,000). CTV’s Oprah’s Big Give was the big winner Sunday night with 1,717,000 viewers, with 1,010,000 sticking around for the bloody good U.S. cable pickup Dexter.

Tonight marks the season finale of Little Mosque on the Prairie (CBC, 8 p.m.). Will Rayyan (Sitara Hewitt, above) say yes to an arranged marriage? Allah knows. More CBC season finales are on the way, with The Week The Women Went signing off Monday March 10, MVP hanging up its skates (for good?) March 11. The Rick Mercer Report finishes its season March 18, as does This Hour Has 22 Minutes. The Border bows March 31, jPod April 1, Sophie April 2 and Air Farce Live closes out Season 15 with an hour-long special April 4.

Which shows will be back? CBC isn’t expected to announce for another two weeks, at least.


  1. hey Bill, to be fair to the cbc numbers that night, cbc alberta was doing election coverage. So there were four affiliates that didn’t air regular cbc progamming. now i’m not saying that that accounts for all the drop, but calgary and edmonton have a lot of people meters.

  2. the ctv numbers were probably affected (effected?) too.

    don’t understand the global ones.

    same anon.

    not the weird one(s)

  3. Heh, c’mon folks, cbc edmonton/calgary has what?…10,000 – 15,000 die-hard viewers at best.

    different anon

    one of the weird one(s)

  4. hey tony the troll:

    feb 25: calgary border ratings (accroding to bbm overnights)41,000

    that doesn’t include edomonton or two other alberta affiliates.

    now i’m not saying multiply that by four.

    i’m saying it might explain some of the drop from this week.

    I neither like nor dislike the border btw.

    the fact of the matter is, the bbms over sample vancouver, calgary and toronto. anything that changes the number in those markets changes the number nationally.

    feel free to call me fat.

  5. Yeh you’re right fatso, I stand corrected, I didn’t take into consideration the tiny cbc base number minus the two/three cbcers who may have fallen asleep with their RCA Victor’s in the off position would dramatically skew the ratings…please accept my apology.


    Tony da troll

  6. Ohhh, I get this fatso thing now, I just read the church/seperation thread…heh heh.

    Tony da troll.

  7. Hey Bill. I know you said CBC won’t know for another 2 weeks about pickups/cancellations, but just curious if you’ve heard any inside info?
    Thanks for everything.

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