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This week’s podcast with CHML’s Scott Thompson gets into the best reality show on television right now–the U.S. presidential primary elections. Listen to our conversation here.
The jumping off point this week is the pivotal speech Barack Obama made in Philadelphia yesterday. Obama addressed race the way John F. Kennedy dealt with his Catholicism in 1960, tackling it head on, inviting discussion and conversation and that thing that elections are supposed to be about, dialogue. It is a tactic not seen in presidential races or on TV for that matter in a long, long time. Will the smart strategy work? Will it have any resonance? Hard to say, but anything that challenges Jon Stewart to get serious, as he did last night on The Daily Show, has power.

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  1. Indeed, my knees felt weak and my head somewhat faint as I read that self-serving pap designed to explain away his insane preacher, nice try Obie but that baby ain’t gonna fly. A racist is a racist no matter the color and the Clintoon’s? yeh, they’re smiling.

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