Remember all that kerfuffle about Bill C-10? Way back a week or so ago?
Gawd, Canadian political scandals are so dull. If only somebody at Heritage Canada was trying to take away tax credits from thousand-dollars-an-hour hookers, instead of TV and film producers.
That’s why I’m illustrating this post with the Friday cover of the New York Post, picked up while in Syracuse over the weekend. Maybe some Canadian producer will try to turn this naughty scandal into a TV-movie, only to have the tax credits yanked. If only that was all Spitzer had yanked.
Anyway, if you missed these two articles linked below, they kinda give you the ying and the yang of the whole sordid C-10 scene. Film critic Brian D. Johnson and columnist Andrew Coyne are cubicle mates over at Macleans. Both sit on opposite sides of the Bill C-10 debate. Coyne got off a sarcastic swipe at the Canadian arts community here (“Man the barricades! Film tax credits are taking fire!”). Johnson responded by sticking up for his arty pals here (“Culture, condescension and Bill C-10: a response to Andrew Coyne”). It’s not quite the virtual street fight that occurs in the comments section here, but, hey, at least both these guys have the guts to use their names.
By the way, that “Keep your censoring hands off of Canadian film and TV! No to Bill C-10!” Facebook site? Closing in on 35,000 members.


  1. Censorship, smensorship…funding these horrid films/shows is an outrageous (scam) missuse of taxpayers money.

    sincerely yours,
    gutless, nameless troll

  2. anonymous 8:16

    The ones I don’t like, of course. The ones that the secular progressive doodahs think are so smart and funny and the ones that make me feel that feeling that bad one in my tummy ——ban them —- ban them all — fire! fire! —

  3. Which one?…name one and that’ll be the one.

    yours as always,

  4. “at least these guys have the guts to use their own names”

    I suspect that even your readers Bill (all 14 of them) will recognize the difference between an opinion piece written by Coyne (for money) and the anonymous comments which you encourage and solicit (for fun).

    If you object to the use of anonymous comments then remove that option under the “choose an identity” heading. Simple. Problem solved.

    As for anonymous 8:16PM “which horrid films do you speak of troll” (another troll, not me)…
    go to the CTF website – which even looks like a Canadian production by virtue of being so cheap – and take a quick look at the dozens and dozens of programs listed which you’ve never heard of… take your pick because they’re all horrid, every one of them. And nobody watches them. Nobody.

    As for the 35,000 Facebook people supporting Bill C-10 …. big deal. It only means there are 35,000 liberals with computers because this is a political issue. ACTRA and the film unions have obviously asked their members to sign up. So what. The issue is what the taxpayers of Canada want – and they do not want their tax dollars being spent on Rent a Goalie or Kenny Vs. Spenny.

    What Minister Verner needs to do is investigate the decision making process at the CTF to learn exactly what criteria is being used to finance productions which are contrary to the interests of Canadians. Which productions failed to receive financing and why? Weren’t they liberal enough? Were they lacking an anti-American bias? Did they promote traditional values?

    Bill C-10 will pass and there will be accountability for the very first time at the CTF and telefilm. And then they’ll audit the CBC (thanks to the Accountability Act) and you’ll really have something to write about.

  5. When and if that “audit” ever becomes reality watch those cbcers gallop to the exits…as for the 35,000 fine facebook folk, there are 5500 unemployable cbcers out there, do the math.

    yours truly,

    hey! brainstorm, next cbc production “Gutless Troll in T.O.”
    how the heck does one qualify for some of dat der ctf moola?…dmc?

  6. “maybe some Canadian producer will try to turn this naughty scandal into a TV movie”

    Hey Bill, you still don’t understand which scripts or ideas receive funding from the CTF do you?

    The billions of tax dollars spent each and every year
    on Canadian film and television is only handed out to scripts and ideas which are contrary to American culture. The Spitzer saga will be produced in the US but it will be PRIVATELY FINANCED. American tax dollars will not be spent producing the made-for-TV movie on the former NY Governor and his “friend” Kristen.

    The Canadian television industry, on the other hand,is financed exclusively with Canadian tax dollars but the projects which receive funding (and tax credits) have to fall within bureaucratic parameters – it’s not about telling Canadian stories, that’s too easy, it’s about reinforcing a new set of Canadian values and attitudes. It’s liberal propaganda Bill. Haven’t you figured that out yet?

  7. Bill don’t listen to anonymous 11:40. Jesus is coming and will smite those who watch Canadian tv and believe in evolution. All hail ignorance!

  8. Bill it’s clear that you don’t have any readers and you’re also probably in favour of letting gay people marry and race mixing and all those other things the left is so fond of. Nobody reads your blog except for me, which makes my constant one trick pony anonymous posting particularly pathetic. Wait — no, I mean it makes YOU pathetic. Uhh, oh man I’m so confused.

    left wing! left wing!

  9. anonymous 10:21

    I don’t know who all you people are but you are not me and it’s making me very cross that you don’t have the guts to come out and say…

    oh shit…

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