Stopping by Newsworld’s CBC News: Today with David Gray this afternoon to talk about a book that did not receive one thin dime in tax credits or any other kind of government funding: Truth and Rumors: The Reality Behind TV’s Most Famous Myths. Order it today from–St. Patrick’s Day is coming!

Among the rumours we’ll get into around 4:45 will be a few tall ‘toon tales. Did Fred and Barney really light up and smoke Winston’s cigarettes in ads that ran on The Flintstones in the ’60s? Let’s light that one up right now:
Yabba dabba don’t kids.
We’ll also get into a few stories about TV stars who supposedly died right on television. As in died died, not just bombed or laid an egg. Did a longevity expert who was a guest on The Dick Cavett Show in the early ’70s, for example, really keel over on air and die? How about Arnold the Pig from Green Acres. Was he really roasted by his fellow cast members at the wrap party after the very last taping? Tune in today to see one Ham talk about another.

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