Farm Talk On The Radio

This week, on my regular radio chat with CHML’s Scott Thompson, the topics include the premiere of a new reality series that screams “end of civilization as we know it.” Yes, that would be Farmer Wants A Wife, which oinks onto the schedule tonight at 9 on The CW.You can listen to the farm report… Read on

House Return A Home Run In Canada

Global execs climbed back in from their window ledges (never shoulda moved to that Toronto high rise on Bloor Street) after House returned strong last night in Canada. The medical drama scored 2.1 million viewers nationally Monday night, giving Global their first 2 million topper not named Survivor in months.Global likes to break things down… Read on

Night Watch: Tonight Show Pioneer Steve Allen

Over the past few months, there have been plenty of shout outs here about my book, Truth and Rumors: The Reality Behind TV’s Most Famous Myths. It is available at Amazon and at Barnes & Noble, thanks for asking. My publisher, Greenwood Publishing in Connecticut, is anxious to see some copy for my next book,… Read on

Great Scot Scores At Bush Bash

“This is just another case of immigrants taking jobs that Americans don’t want.” That was new U.S. citizen Craig Ferguson’s take on hosting Saturday’s White House Correspondent’s dinner. The (single!) C-SPAN camera captured it all; here are the highlights: Ferguson and Bush–one recovering alcoholic roasting another. The Glasgow-native snuck plenty of blunt talk into his… Read on

Late Night Jokes of the Week

Wish I knew how to embed this here, but head over to The Huffington Post for a handy clip feature: a video roundup of the late-night jokes of the week. Follow this link straight to it. Clips from Jimmy Kimmel, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert and Conan O’Brien are featured as well as David Letterman‘s “Great… Read on

Today: Edward R. Murrow at 100

I don’t know if any of you out there are old enough to remember TV newscasts. They used to have them on at suppertime and later at the end of the night just before you went to bed. This was way back before we started getting the daily news from comedians. Anyway, back when TV… Read on

This Week In Radio Ranting

Don Cherry, this week’s PR pissing war between CBC and Global and that over-hyped dud Gossip Girl (“No. 2 in its timeslot among girls 12-24 who wear knee socks and braces and face east”) are among the topics on this week’s radio rant with CHML’s Scott Thompson. You can listen here. You can listen here… Read on

Reviews: Celebrity Rehab and I Know My Kid’s A Star

Reality television is one of those impossibly broad catch all phrases that gets stretched so thin it starts to lose its meaning. Quite often these days it stands simply for unscripted television. It generally has very little to do with reality.Case in point are two somewhat related yet very dissimilar shows launching in Canada in… Read on