“Awesome Speech Your Holiness” – brioux.tv

This clip was on Kimmel last night. That George Bush, what a nut.

As Kimmel said, it was a wonder he didn’t try to high five him later.


  1. Love the Dubya, a great president and unfortunately the U.S. has a term limit.

  2. Seems that the only people who have a problem with George W. Bush are the lunatics on the far left – the same people who applaud Castro and Chavez.

    TV Feeds My Family is a blog which promotes Canadian state culture – and as we see on Canadian television, which very very few ever watch, George W. Bush is to be shamed and criticized at ever available opportunity because this is socialist Canada where our culture is defined by our contempt for the United States.

    Who’s paying you to write this shit Bill?

  3. oh. what a sad and lonely corner youre in. even republican congressmen won’t stand up for mr. 31 percent.

    jan 20 2009 buddy. maybe if we wish real hard you’ll kill yourself.

  4. anonymous, april 18, 8:52 PM

    “even Republican Congressmen won’t stand up for Mr. 31 percent”

    31 percent sounds pretty good when you look at the approval rating for the democrats in the US congress and Nancy Pelosi who hovers in the single digits. McCain will win the next election without breaking a sweat and then you and all of your unemployed film buddies can get drunk and start whining about how the election was fixed.

    And maybe if you wish real hard you’ll get that sex change operation which you so richly deserve.

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