Bad News Travels Fast –

OMFG!!! Despite all the hype about the first new episode in months, and even after The CW shut down the web feed, Gossip Girl bombed again last night. The teen soap finished a distant 5th in the U.S. overnight ratings estimates with a 1.8 rating and a 3 share! OmigodOmigodOmigod!!!WTF??? Didn’t New York magazine just declare it the Best Show Evva??? LOL!!!! Gossip Girl, you’ll be a woman, soon. LOFL!!! DOA!!!!!!!!!


  1. It’s funny stuff for sure, but it’s also a little scary. And very reminiscent of the JPOD debacle here.

    Gossip Girl would seem to have everything going for it — serious teen appeal, hip, good promo — but it doesn’t hit. The disconnect between younger viewers watching scripted stuff off air is starting to mirror the music downloading trajectory.

    I remember so clearly when I was teaching, going outside for air/smoke break and chatting to my students (this is right around when Sam the Record Man was closing) and none of them had a relationship with the store. None had bought a CD in a year.

    As much as there are a few trying to trumpet JPOD and bring it back, those numbers told a different tale.

    And as much as a lot of the magazine editors and writers in their 20’s want to push GG, it just isn’t catching on.

    The kids are alright – but they’ve gone elsewhere for their entertainment and they sure don’t look like they’re coming back anytime soon.

  2. Yes. Put ads in the online stream and count hits. It’s not rocket science…

    Save jPod!

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