Have you seen this spacey little ad?

It’s for Clearblue, a digital home pregnancy test which shows a stream of liquid hitting the stick as the narrator declares it “the most advanced piece of technology you will ever pee on.”
Or, at least, that’s what it did say. Caught this ad tonight on a Buffalo station in early prime and the voice over was changed to “you will ever…uh, you know.”
Did somebody get pissed off about this ad? Was there a golden shower of protest? If urine the know, let us know.
Here’s what has been leaked so far: the ad has been airing in the U.S. for over a year. The spot is called “Pee Ship” and it hails from the ad agency Amalgamated N.Y. The spot ran in Germany and the U.K. before it was shown in The U.S. and Canada.
There are two versions of this ad, one with the word “pee” in the copy and a cleaned up version. Some networks, like NBC, will only approve the “pee” free narration, Other channels, including MuchMusic in Canada, stream the real deal. Either way, the ad certainly makes a splash.

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  1. This advert always cracks me up. I get a feeling that they are going for “my girlfriend wants me to pick up a pregnancy test but which one?” demographic, the commercial looks so much like an advert for the newest Gillette super-close 7 blade disposable razor.

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