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This week, on my regular radio chat with CHML’s Scott Thompson, the topics include the premiere of a new reality series that screams “end of civilization as we know it.” Yes, that would be Farmer Wants A Wife, which oinks onto the schedule tonight at 9 on The CW.
You can listen to the farm report here.
The series has already been dismissed as The Bachelor meets The Beverly Hillbillies. “Beefcake And Plenty Of Cheese,” headlined “Harvest Of Shameless,” bannered
The stud at the centre of this date-a-farmer deal is Matt Neustadt (left, with Granny), a 30-year-old from Portage Des Sioux, Missouri (pop. 351). The actual farm dude is surrounded by 10 gals from the city who all want a roll in the hay, or, to jump in his “C-ment pond,” or, well, hell, let’s just go with the copy on The CW’s site: “Wanted: a girl who’s smart, beautiful and ready for some serious plowing.” And later, “She must love animals…and waking up every morning to a nice, big…” cut to a rooster crowing. Hee-Haw!
As they say over at The CW, OMFG. Kinda makes you long for the rural-themed but otherwise dissimilar and aggressively understated CBC reality series The Week The Women Went. The CBC reality campaign was also a little more understated than The CW’s. “OMGGG (Oh My Goodness Gosh Golly)! The Women are departing! Will the men of Alberta cook too much red meat? LTY (Laff to yourself)!!
There’s nothing subtle about Farmer Wants a Wife, as you can tell by this CW “supertease”:

In related farming news, it is reported that there is a shortage of manure in American right now. Are you kidding? Check the TV listings. By summer, it will be stacked as high as an elephants eye.

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