Kimmel’s 1000th Tonight –

Don’t forget, tonight at 11:35 it is the 1000th episode of Jimmy Kimmel Live (on City-TV and ABC). Kimmel’s girlfriend, Sarah Silverman, and her lover, Matt Damon, were nice enough to take this ad out in Variety just to congratulate him. No ad yet from Ben Affleck.
Kimmel has really beat the odds lasting five plus years at ABC. Now he has some of the strongest numbers in late night, especially among the 18-49-year-old crowd.
I still remember Ted Koppel launching the show in 2003 by appearing cold off the top and announcing, Nightline won’t be seen tonight “so that ABC can bring you the following piece of garbage.”


  1. Jesus! Okay! Brioux, you stone cold pimp daddy – I’m in a Boston Hotel tonight, and when I get back in I’m gonna watch Kimmel. Just for you. Okay?


  2. It’s an entertaining show that has very talented writers unlike the dreck that’s served to Canadians on their dime…Go Jimmy!

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