Two Minutes For High Sticking –

Maybe I jumped the gun with that last post. Tonight’s was the weirdest Coach’s Corner ever. Grapes seemed a little touchier than usual, shoving MacLean’s hand over at one point to show him who’s boss of the desk, still peeved about something Kelly Hrudey had said the game before.
The weird part came at the end of Coach’s Corner, when Grapes zeroed in on his favorite team, the Boston Bruins. Forward Marc Savard has a way of talking to his stick, he pointed out, then ran clips in slow motion of Savard on the bench to emphasize his point. What was Savard saying to his hockey stick? “I love you,” cooed Cherry, putting words into the player’s mouth. “I love you. I’m going to stroke you.” He then urged all the kids watching to run out to their dad’s cars, take their sticks out the trunks and take them into their bedrooms.
“You take care of your stick,” said Cherry, deadly serious, “and your stick will take care of you.”
Said MacLean, “I’m going to bed with my Sher-Wood tonight.”
UPDATE: Here is the Coach’s Corner clip in question from Tuesday night’s game. The stick shtick is at the end:

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