It has been nearly a week since I was down in Walt Disney World. covering the promotional Olympics known as the Disney Channel Games. TV Feeds My Family’s younger readers (not to mention the Family Channel publicists who flew me down) are probably asking: Where are the photos of the Jonas brothers (above, with their ubiquitous mouse mascots)? Why no shots of all the stars of Camp Rock on the Disney red carpet? This is so last week!
Well, wait no longer kids. With Miley Cyrus locked safely inside Vault Disney (she was let out briefly for her concert last Saturday), the Jonas lads certainly stole the show.
Loud screams went up the minute Joe, Kevin and Nick Jonas made the scene. The Jonas lads, who kick off their summer tour next month in Toronto, stopped and spoke with each and every reporter working the red carpet, even the cute seven-year-old girl from the family magazine. Nice lads, unfailingly polite after a long day, there was no evidence of any star trippin‘. All three enjoyed shooting Camp Rock in Minden, Ont., last September/October–even if the place was a dead zone for their cell phones. That’s worse than cutting off a teen’s air supply!

Oakville, Ont.-native Jasmine Richards has a pivotal role in the summer movie. This is her first red carpet; she seemed as much into Mickey and Minnie as those Jonas boys. Fellow Canuck Michael Seater, from Life With Derek, also made the scene. You could tell the Canadian kids because they were the first at the press tables working the round robins on Friday morning. Those punks from The Suite Life of Zack & Cody, Dylan and Cole Sprouse, skipped the one-on-ones but worked the carpet. They’ve been there, done that, dudes. I was shocked to learn that both were in their forties. Well, surprised.

Those saucy Cheetah Girls worked the carpet along with Meaghan Martin (right), who plays the snotty blonde in Camp Rock. The dude with the mike is Cody Linley from Hannah Montana. Remember Cody, Cheetah’s never prosper! The Camp Rock movie, which was screened last Friday is probably the next High School Musical, or as Disney refers to it, “Ca-CHING!” It’s all singing and dancing, like Fame with primary colours and without swearing. Among the film’s immortal lines: “Being popular is so not a so what.”

This is what it’s like working these deals. Here I am talking to young Jasmine. After a while you get tired of saying, “No, I’m not the Jonas dad.” The Jonas dad was in the house, by the way. He was the guy standing behind the Jonas SWAT team, behind the Jonas barrier.

When you work the red carpet, you are assigned a spot. If you are People magazine or what’s left of the U.S. TV Guide, you get near the front of the line. If you are from Canada or San Francisco, you get near the end of the line. That’s why I was assigned a spot next to the folks from Common Sense Media, who brought along a clever green button which they asked the Disney kids to hold up for a photo. Every single Disney kid did, including the Jonas. The button, as you can see, has the word “on” on it. The problem, I’m thinking, is that now the folks at Common Sense Media can say, “Look who’s back on drugs!” I’m pretty sure the folks at Common Sense Media have too much common sense for this, but I’m bringing my own sign next year, and its going to say “off.” There are probably all kinds of words I can put in front of that.

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