Curly, Larry, Moe and Dexter

While on the set of Dexter last Monday in Los Angeles, I had a chance to check out the famed Sunset Gower Studios. This 16 acre lot, right in the heart of Hollywood, has been around since the ‘2os and once was the home of Columbia Pictures. The Three Stooges used to wooo wooo wooo… Read on

Shameless Self Promotion Plug No. 557

That’s me on CHCH’s Live @ 5:30 this afternoon (with Hamilton’s broadcast Bickersons, Mark Hebscher and Donna Skelly), caught up in some hullabaloo about an outburst at a comedy club. Seems some women who identified themselves as lesbians were targeted by a stand up comedian and now the whole thing is before the B.C. human… Read on

Sex Talk Gets Rise on Californication Set

CULVER CITY, Calif. — David Duchovny says go ahead–laugh at his sex scenes in Californication. The former X-Files star made the comment today on the set of his racy Showtime series, which returns for a second season in Canada this September on The Movie Network/Movie Central. Duchovny was speaking to a few dozen foreign journalists… Read on

Killer Rumour

LOS ANGELES, Calif. — Hang around Murtz Jaffer and his posse of reality show stars (see posting below) and you hear some pretty strange things. Hot rumour floating around the Farmers Market Monday night: O.J. Simpson will be on the next Celebrity Apprentice. How would that work?Donald Trump: “You’re fired!”O.J.: “You’re dead!”Still, don’t be alarmed… Read on

Camp Rock Plays To Big Tent

As expected, Disney’s Camp Rock rocked the ratings on both sides of the border. The Ontario-produced TV-movie, featuring red hot teen sensations The Jonas Brothers, drew nearly 850,000 viewers to the Family Channel premiere June 20, rating it as the second-highest non-sports broadcast among Canadian specialty broadcasters in the past five years, bested only by Disney’s… Read on

Reality: What A Concept

LOS ANGELES, Calif.–For Murtz Jaffer, the line between reality and fantasy hasn’t just been blurred, it’s been erased.A University of Toronto grad, Jaffer used to heckle me at The Toronto Sun when I was the cranky guy whinging about having to cover Survivor every week. He loves reality television, eats, drinks and sleeps it, boasts… Read on

Jimmy Smits New Blood On Dexter Set

LOS ANGELES, Calif. –“I’m totally stoked!”That was Jimmy Smit‘s three word, concise, parking lot pronouncement about joining the cast of Dexter next season. Smits was on the Sunset Gower Studios lot for a table read today with Dexter star Michael C. Hall and fellow cast members Julie Benz (who plays Dexter’s long suffering girlfriend, Rita),… Read on

CBC Dramas a No Fly Zone on Air Canada

LOS ANGELES, Calif.–So how come on Air Canada when you dial up all the options on the LCD screen in the headrest in front of you there are no CBC options? Winged it down to LA last night (in town for various interviews, including set visits to Dexter, Californication and Craig Ferguson) and decided to… Read on