Boys Of Summer, 2008

Annual pilgrimage to the lake was made this weekend by the boys of summer (six Michael Power grads; three St. Michael’s College alumni. Missing from photo: Allison from Exeter). McConvey took this year’s mini golf title with a 45 on the Evergreen Resort mosquito magnet. The lad was presented with the brand new “That’s Got To Be A Disappointment” trophy (courtesy principal Devlin). The brand new batting title trophy went to no one due to fog and utter lack of hitting/interest/plumbing.

Minutes of television consumed this weekend: Zilch. We now resume regularly scheduled programming.

4 Responses to “Boys Of Summer, 2008”

  1. Hey glad to see you had some fun with the fellas! What is with those socks, oh footwear God? Very good to see you last week…next time I’m there, we head to Yorkville to find you some sandals… :~)

  2. Anonymous

    Yeh BB, maybe see those TV gals about some shoes…and socks.

  3. Bill,
    Great photo from the Guy’s weekend. Truly. But I have to agree about the socks.

    Hope you’re not perishing in New York with the hot weather. Caliyfornia is wonderful :).



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