This Wednesday in Toronto, TV Feeds My Family had an exclusive one-on-one with KITT, the cool talking Shelby Mustang from the upcoming new Knight Rider series. The interview took place at the Global Upfront, on the stage of the Elgin Theatre. Here’s what TV’s most powerful pony car had to say:
TVFMF: Is this your first time in Toronto?
KITT: Yes. What’s with your mayor, has he ever been in a car? He wants to tear down the one road into town? You dolts voted for this gearbox?
TVFMF: Tell us about your new series.
KITT: It is about this fabulous super car—played by me—that can change shapes, navigate through city streets by itself and hugs the road like David Hasselhoff after an all night bender.
TVFMF: Speaking of Hasselhoff, were you a fan of the original series?
KITT: The Trans-AM? It was a decent ride in its day, I guess. Very Old School, rear wheel drive, that sort of thing. Those hide-a-way headlights were so ‘80s.
TVFMF: Could you take it in a race?
KITT: Does a Chrysler Neon leak oil? Give me a break.
TVFMF: What do you think of your co-star, Justin Bruening?
KITT: The kid? I carry him in this picture. Put it this way, he’s no Danica Patrick. What, Michael Knight couldn’t have had a hot niece?
TVFMF: You sound a little bitter.
KITT: Look, not only do I not get my own trailer, I’ve got to pull his! Besides, I’ve seen potholes with more charisma.
TVFMF: You are scheduled to begin shooting the series in two weeks. Any concerns about an actor’s strike?
KITT: Not if I hit them first, you know what I mean? Nah, seriously, I’m in the Guild. You’ve heard of the UAW? Every part of me is Union made, brother. I get a piece of the new revenue streams or Jeff Zucker is looking at some serious tire marks up his butt.
TVFMF: How do you like working with Val Kilmer?
KITT: Who?
TVFMF: Val Kilmer, your voice in the series?
KITT: Are you on carbon emissions? I don’t need some chick to dub my voice.
TVFMF: What’s currently in your CD player?
KITT: Lint. Seriously, it is an iPod dock, wake up to a new millennium, granddad. I listen to ZZ Top, Broken Social Scene, Manilow. Diggin’ the new Ashanti album.
TVFMF: Did you have any role models growing up? Who did you look up to in this business?
KITT: Well, I’d have to say the Starsky & Hutch Ford Gran Torino, that was one sweet ride. The original TV Batmobile, naturally, although, big deal, George Barris painted a ’55 Lincoln Futura concept car black, way to go Mr. Genius. And, of course, the young, hungry, Al Pacino. “Say hello to my little friend!”
TVFMF: You are a 2008 Shelby GT500KR Mustang. You come equipped with 560 horses under the hood. Have you had any enhancements?
KITT: Hey, this is Hollywood, baby. Everybody gets a little work done. Let’s just say there’s no junk in my trunk, ya dig?
TVFMF: Is it true you turned down the remake of “The Italian Job”?
KITT: You got that right, Guido. Not for me, all those steps and stone streets in Rome. Momma mia!
TVFMF: How do you like being on Canadian TV?
KITT: Oh, sure, thrilled to be on E!, right up there with The Biggest Loser and Snoop Dogg’s Father Hood. What, not good enough for Global? Feel very special.
TVFMF: Any advice for new cars just starting out in this business?
KITT: Here’s what I always tell the kids–don’t be shy about getting your oil changed, keep your rubber on the road and, sooner or later, you’re gonna get the brakes. See you on the 401, Canada!

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