Do you have Jonas Brothers fever? Are you all caught up in Disney’s “Camp Rock” commotion? Do you not even know or care about any of this? Get with it, grandpa–the people behind those High School Musical films are getting ready to take over the universe once again. Read my take on Camp Rock, which was shot near Minden, Ont., here. Then get ready to empty your Visa accounts here.
Met the Jonas lads last May in Walt Disney World while on assignment for SHOW magazine and found them to be very accommodating and polite despite the fact that every eight-to-11-year-old girl in the state of Florida seemed to have followed them to Orlando. You didn’t need a publicist to let you know that the lads had arrived at the red carpet—the screams from the young fans could be heard throughout the Disney theme parks.
Noticed the Jonas dad off in the corner at the post-red carpet Disney Channel Games bash but requests to interview him were flatly rejected. Had to respect the dude for that. Nothing more off putting than parental until media whores like Lindsay Lohan’s mom. If I had a kid or three who had just won the instant fame lottery, I wouldn’t talk to press weasels like me, either. Jonas Sr. seems to have the right idea—stick close by but don’t talk to the press.

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