I’m on with Mark Hebscher and Donna Skelly on CHCH’s Live & 5:30 today to talk about sexism in the newsroom. Specifically: why there are so few female network news anchors? The rant is tied to the fact that Quebec’s leading news anchors are both women. Vive la difference! Otherwise, what is this, 1973? Ratings for all the newscasts are down and it isn’t a gender thing, it’s just that people get their news from the Internet, not from Katie Couric. Now Magazine senior entertainment editor Susan Cole gets in on the TV girl talk. If you miss it, CH repeats Live @ 5:30 at 11:30, and if you think that’s confusing, you’re right.


  1. “ratings for all newscasts are down”

    no kidding? who can sit through an entire broadcast of the supper hour news?

    five minutes of news and the rest of it is lifestyle reports, weather updates every six minutes, liberal propaganda and “stories about nothing”….

    CFTO News will send all of their reporters to cover a thunder storm or another press conference with the Mayor blaming Americans for another Toronto murder….

    and you wonder why ratings are in steep decline?
    the internet has less to do with it than you think…
    Fox News for example has seen a steady increase in the size of their audience because LIBERALISM IS BAD FOR BUSINESS


    Go back under your rock, you christo fascist moron.

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