Promised my cousin Carol Brioux Steed I’d get word up here about Briouxpalooza ’08, the big clan reunion taking place today in Peterborough, Ont. About 350 Brioux friends and relatives are expected to make the trek to the cradle of Briouxdum. There is a street named after the Brioux family in this town, where our roots date back seven generations to well before confederation.
The whole deal happens today at Nicholls Oval Park Pavilion in Peterborough (click here for a map). Things kick off at 11am with a mass in the park, presided over by Fr. Paul Feeley. As is the custom at these festive Brioux gatherings, a witch will be burned.
The event is pot luck, so if you are coming, bring munchies. No booze is allowed in the park, so drink before you get there. A small administrative fee of $10 per Brioux or $20 per family is being charged.
Apparently the last Brioux reunion was held in 1935, back before WWII, television or even Facebook (where you can get more info on this event at the “Brioux” group). At that gathering, I’m guessing, was my grandfather and namesake, William Louis Brioux, one dapper dude. Here he is at the turn of the 20th century. He later went on to play Mr. Steed on The Avengers.
So if you are a Brioux or are just, say, bald, head on over to Nichols Oval Park and blend in!
With most of the Brioux’s out of prison again, it’s time to celebrate!

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  1. Bill Brioux of Michael Power

    I am still hoping to receive that second Banana DVD , was there not also a western , i recall being thrown out of a tavern set at one point , how is it going


    Kevin Flanagan
    [email protected]

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