Elvis’s New Attraction

LOS ANGELES–Elvis Costello rocked the house this week here at press tour. I spoke with his Canadian entourage, three dudes from Winnipeg, who are behind Spectacle: Elvis Costello With…, a new series of intimate conversations with the rich and famous. Elton John (also a producer on the series), Tony Bennett, Lou Reed and Bill Clinton are his first four guests. Sundance has this starting in December, with CTV (and later Bravo) airing it in Canada.
During the press conference, the 53-year-old singer/songwriter was asked if his wife, Vancouver-born jazz pianist Diana Krall, might be one of his guests. (She does get pulled in front of the cameras by Tony Bennett in his episode.)
“That’s a state secret and I can’t divulge how that will be achieved,” said Costello. Asked if that would be an easy interview for him, Costello said, “Well, I don’t know. You’ve seen those reality shows where they do — you know, we could just be sitting around at home in our underwear, which is a prospect that would be a lot more attractive in one direction than the other.”
For more on Costello and the story behind this Canadian co-production, see this story I filed yesterday for Canadian Press.

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