LOS ANGELES–Today is getaway day here at the TCA press tour, and what have we learned? Some random thoughts.
1. Jay Leno is not an attractive bald man.
2. Howie Mandell is an attractive bald man, but he bobble head doll is a little creepy.
3. A network that sells toasters which burn imprints of Star Wars characters can not be relied upon to serve you breakfast.
4. The Smothers Brothers are eternally cool.
5. Keith Olbermann is secure enough as a newsman to walk into a press conference with a “Bill Clinton 60th Birthday” duffle bag.
6. The new Simpsons ride at Universal Studios rocks. The pre-boarding safety film features Itchy & Scratchy at their violent best, there’s a Quick-E-Mart to explore on your way out and the simulated spin through Springfield and beyond is every fan’s dream come true.
7. Tory Spelling has a selective memory.
8. Cat Deeley is as lovely in person as she is on So You Think You Can Dance but not much of a photographer.
9. The only place that has Guitar Hero III in North America is the full service store set of NBC’s Chuck
10. If you built a TCA press tour, they will come.

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  1. Cat Deely is TV royalty where I come from (and am now, on holiday). Glad to hear she is lovely.

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