I’ve got two stories in my new favorite newspaper, the Toronto Star. The first is the front of the Saturday Entertainment section, a report off the press tour on all the Canadians on new U.S. network shows this fall. Rob Salem sez they usually call it the Frostback feature. At the Sun we just called it that story where you do a round up of all the Canadians on new shows this fall. Either way you can read it here.
The stand out for me was Dustin Milligan, a nice young man from Yellowknife, N.W.T. who turns 23 tomorrow. He’s one of the new Canucks on that 90210 remake (the other being Degrassi: The Next Generation grad Shenae Grimes), launching Sept. 2 on Global and the CW. The kid has a great Les Moonves story already, check it out.
The other Star piece is the cover of this week’s Starweek magazine. It is all about the Disney Channel Games running the next five Fridays on Family Channel in Canada. I was on the scene back in May when the games were played out at Walt Disney World in Florida. Yeah, I know, more Jonas Bros. blah blah. Hey, it can’t all be CBC numbers, programming executive shoe shots and TCA drivel here.
I’d link to the Starweek story, but I can’t figure out how, so do us all a favor, buy a newspaper.
By the way, I’m guessing that cool front page above, arresting even in this tiny repro, is the work of former Sun layout and Showcase wizard Derek Tse. The lad is now working his magic on the Star’s front page. Helmet’s off.


  1. Great article Bill.

    Not that they probably fed this to you but it might interest you to know that one of the writers on 90210 is from Toronto, too.

    Sean Reycraft wrote for Degrassi and was kind of forced out of JPOD in early days of that show.

    Hey, how’d that turn out for them again?

    Not that you should be a cheerleader, but hey, so long as you’re doing the frostback feature…

  2. Thanks, Denis, I did not know that. I’ll be writing about these 90210 kids again in September so I’ll make sure to mention Sean. Amother young Canadian has also been added to the cast.

  3. Hey Bill,

    Great story, but wasn’t Gloria Reuben a physician’s assistant on ER not a doctor? I know I’m a huge geek for knowing that.

    Keep up the great work.

  4. the Toronto Star?
    they could rename that paper the Havana Star

    sorry Bill, nobody reads the Star

  5. My favorite thing about mousis impotentuselessis The common, white tailed, troll like net mouse isn’t its charming reliance on its four or five stock insults, but how interesting and easy to disprove he is.

    From the last available figures:

    2007 Average Daily Circulation

    Toronto Star, 465 803
    Globe and Mail 337 387
    National Post 206 003
    Toronto Sun 194 042
    Vancouver Sun 171 782

    So, yeah, Toronto Star, still as it’s always been — most read newspaper in the Country. Way ahead of say, The Calgary Herald.

    In fact, poor mouse would probably be horrified to know that both the French language dailies of Montreal and Quebec city draw more readers en francais than the National Post, or the Sun, or papers friendlier to his white little stripe.

    Squeak! Squeak! Squeak!


  6. dmc 2:01 pm

    “so yeah, the Toronto Star, still as its always been –
    most read newspaper in the country”

    Actually, things are not going well at the Toronto Star. In early May, 122 positions were eliminated after a tough first quarter in which Torstar lost $3.7 million due to a declining circulation and poor ad revenues.

    In fact the entire newspaper industry is facing declining circulations and decreased revenues. Isn’t that right Bill? Isn’t that why you were made redundant at the Sun?

    Earlier this month newspaper shares lost $4billion in value during the first eight trading days of July. A dozen newspaper shares on the DOW have lost $28billion since the first quarter which is 36% of their value in less than 7 months.

    And those are the facts fatso.

  7. Ah the jollies of the dear mouse. Change the subject, try to spread the poison, and deny once more the sad fatal burning in the loins that drives you back to Bill’s. Careful Brioux. You’ve got a bunny boiler.

    So then, mouse, let us soothe your poor sad psyche with haiku:

    Bob and weave dear mouse/
    Sad cuckold to those who speak/
    And dare to sign names/

    Bluster rant and rave/
    Throw your spittle and bile oh/
    Yes, despise us all

    For those who are paid/
    To opine and share and dream/
    Feel sorry for you

    There is bravery/
    In noble disagreement/
    But not for you alas/

    Alone and unloved/
    Cast stones against your betters/
    Coward! Fraud! And Simp!

    Unheralded you/
    Cast your mighty rock and see/
    The water stays placid

    Namaste, mousey. Namaste.

  8. dmc 7:50 PM

    “change the subject, try to spread the poison”

    I would suggest Bill, that the declining circulation and ad revenues for the Star are the raison d’etre for the constant bleeding of Torstar’s share price and can be regarded as a useful barometer of the Star’s declining influence and relevance.

    The Star will not survive Bill because liberalism is bad for business and the Star is a liberal paper which was created to spread the wisdom of socialist thinking.

    And in the same edition of the Star in which your article appeared Bill, was content and opinion bashing Americans, promoting Dion and the liberals, feel-good stories on higher taxes, condemnation of our troops and their mission, letters of support for Khadr… you get the idea, the same shit that you can find on the MoveOn and Al Jazeera websites.

    Don’t you have any respect for yourself Bill?

  9. and then the robot defaulted to the “dittohead” setting, like a printer printing out a test page.

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