Border Holds Despite U.S. Invasion

CBC has to be quietly pleased with last night’s numbers for The Border: 560,000 total viewers across Canada. (Overnight estimated based on average minute audience, BBM Canada/Nielsen data.) That’s down slightly from last season’s average but better than many predicted up against first run episodes of U.S. hits on a very competitive Monday night.Consider what… Read on

Send in the Clowns

Both the Rick Mercer Report and This Hour Has 22 Minutes return tonight–and not a moment too soon.These elections play straight into the hands of both shows, although more for 22 Minutes (8:30, CBC) than Mercer (8 p.m.). At least according to Rick Mercer himself, who I chatted with at last week’s CBC season launch.… Read on

Letterman’s Tribute to Paul Newman

Paul Newman once said he drank a case of beer a day. “Count me in,” said David Letterman last night in a heartfelt tribute to the Academy Award-winning actor, race car driver and humanitarian.

Big Test Tonight for The Border

How safe is The Border? We’ll find out tonight as The Border returns for a second season tonight at 9 p.m. on CBC. The Toronto-based series gained a strong foothold last winter when it was one of four scripted shows to join the CBC schedule opposite private network schedules weakened by the writers strike. It… Read on

Californication, Take Two

Have to admit I was afraid to even watch season two of Californication (which returned last night and will be repeated this week on The Movie Network/Movie Central and Showtime). Not that I didn’t like season one–I loved it. I just worried that executive producer/creator Tom Kapinos put such a bow on it with that… Read on

Network TV Today: Chicks Rule

Does gender play a role in how someone programs a TV network? It’s a question I put to the network programmings heads on both sides of the border in a story that appears in today’s Toronto Star. You can jump to the full story here, or, hell, better yet, buy a newspaper.The hook is that… Read on

Paul Newman 1925-2008

Paul Newman, who died Friday after a long battle with cancer (read the well-prepared Associated Press obit here), was one of those iconic film stars who rarely bothered with television. One memorable cameo came during the very first Late Show with David Letterman in 1993. New to CBS and the Ed Sullivan Theatre, Letterman playfully… Read on

Good Grief! The Simpsons Return for Season 20

Al Jean, the long-time executive producer and showrunner on The Simpsons (with Homer and Matt Groening, left), took conference calls with critics this week. He was proudly promoting the fact that the animated evergreen returns for a 20th season this Sunday at 8 p.m. on Fox and Global. Jean says the five principle voice cast… Read on