CBC has to be quietly pleased with last night’s numbers for The Border: 560,000 total viewers across Canada. (Overnight estimated based on average minute audience, BBM Canada/Nielsen data.) That’s down slightly from last season’s average but better than many predicted up against first run episodes of U.S. hits on a very competitive Monday night.
Consider what else was on at 9 p.m. in Canada last night: Heroes on Global (1,214,000), Two and a Half Men on A (809,000) and the biggie, Dancing with the Stars, on CTV (1,605,000 averaged over the two hour timeslot). All popular imports with loyal core audiences.
Still, The Border emerges as an viable option Mondays at 9, the place to get your drama fix (unless you are watching Prison Break at 9 on Buffalo’s Fox affiliate in Toronto).
Especially, apparently, for older viewers. Most of the Border audience last night, 368,000 viewers, were 50-plus. Only 173,000 fell into the desired 18-49-year-old demo. The show could get younger.
It also lost some of the Dragons’ Den audience, with 697,000 viewers tuned to CBC at 8.
Still, everything on CBC falls off after Jeopardy! at 7:30, by far the network’s highest rated Monday show with 1,022,000 viewers.

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