Letterman Roasts No-Show McCain – brioux.tv

Sen. John McCain ditched David Letterman last night and Dave was not pleased. Check it out below:

Hilarious that “gotcha” live shot of McCain, not racing back to Washington to fix the economy (his excuse to Letterman), but getting powdered in front of Katie Couric on the set of The CBS Evening News. “It’s like we caught him getting a manicure or something,” Letterman said.
The host joked that “the road to the White House runs right through me,” which is kinda true this TMZ election, where endorsements from Oprah are game changers and TV appearances on talk shows are gold. (Hell, McCain announced he was running for president on Dave’s show.)
“This is not the way a hero behaves,” said Letterman. “Somebody is putting something in his Metamucil.”


  1. A wild day, and found it interesting to watch the Letterman catching McCain with Couric clip on Youtube via Nikki Finke’s website ‘before’ The Late Show had even aired.

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