Just two weeks and two days until Sherri Woodstock, the concert to celebrate the life of Sun Media writer Sherri Wood. It all takes place Sunday, Oct. 5 at the Opera House in Toronto, with doors open at 4:30 p.m.
Among the performers: Classic Albums Live (performing a best of set of Led Zeppelin standards), Five Blank Pages, The Little Millionaires, Dani Strong, Franky Moonlight and The Overtones. There will also be a cool little video tribute to Sherri, the Sun sweetheart who passed away last March a week before her 29th birthday.
Tickets are $20 each plus $3.50 in handling charges. You can order them here at TicketPro.
A new Sherri Woodstock blog has been created to help promote the event, you can jump straight to it here. This site will feature news and information about the concert as well as bios, photos and videos of the bands taking part.
Other news is available here at the Sherri Woodstock Facebook site.
Here’s what you need to know NOW: Don’t wait until the last minute to buy your tickets. Get them at least a week before the event. Seating is limited, with the venue holding around 750 people. Many tickets are already sold.
As Sherri used to say, “don’t be outta town Brown.” Get in on the party of the year.

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