Beyond the Palin –

The next two nights could bring the comedy highlights of the new TV season. No, not the return of Little Mosque on the Prairie and Sophie on CBC (starting tonight at 8 p.m.). I’m talking the federal leaders debate in French (8 p.m., Radio Canada) and, tomorrow night, in English (CBC, CTV–AND on Global, despite what you might have read here earlier) as well as the vice presidential debates in the U.S. (ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, CNN, Fox News, PBS, 9 p.m.).
So which debate will Canadians watch tomorrow night–our leaders or the U.S. Veeps? There’s no debate here. Even CBC News anchor Peter Mansbridge acknowledged last week at CBC’s fall launch event that there’s no way you can not not watch Palin. (He suggested a split screen might be in order.)
Think Republican running mate Sarah Palin isn’t taking this debate seriously? Here’s proof that she is getting battle ready for the big event.

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