Global’s Big House Owns Tuesday –

House remains strong medicine in Canada, scoring 2,307,000 viewers last night, 860,000 more viewers than CTV’s Criminal Minds (1,447,000).
That’s almost twice what it pulls, proportionally, in the U.S., where it drew 12.66 million last night on Fox, losing in the timeslot to CBS’s older-skewing NCIS (17.24 million viewers).
House‘s Canadian haul makes Tuesdays a tough night to open against but in charged CBC’s Rick Mercer Report, still solid with 808,000 viewers. This Hour Has 22 Minutes (which opened last night with the Hockey Night in Canada theme–nice save) followed at 8:30 with 619,000 viewers. (All numbers total households, average minute audience overnight estimates from BBM/Nielsen.)
The interesting contest is at 9 p.m.: CTV’s Dancing with the Stars results show (1,412,000) followed by Global’s 90210 (847,000 viewers), which shades A channel’s Fringe (808,000). In fourth place was the season premiere of CBC’s The Tudors (651,000).
CBC’s No. 1 show on the night was not Jeopardy! (839,000), as it was Monday night, but the CBC National News (852,000). Must be an election on or something.

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