Indy Made to Squeal Like A Pig –

This won’t be up at YouTube for long: Check out the U.S. season premiere episode of South Park, where Steven Spielberg and George Lucas rape Indiana Jones:

Clearly Trey Parker and Matt Stone don’t want to see an Indy 5. South Park and the Indiana Jones movie franchise are all part of the big happy CBS/Paramount/Viacom family. The L.A. Times asks if the boys went too far this time; read the full article here.

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  1. I actually thought the episode was semi-inspired.

    “Crystal Skull” was another example of powerful Hollywood icons crassly using a beloved character to milk a few more bucks from their audience.

    And since rape is always more about power than sex, I think Trey Parker and Matt Stone found the perfect metaphor for that kind of arrogance.

    They’ll probably never work again — but hey, funny is funny.

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