Panicked PM Throws in His Censoring Hand –

Look who yanked that controversial Bill C-10 “morality clause” one week before Election Day (read the full story here). This is leadership, Mr. Harper? Anyway, congrats to the 41,822 members of the Facebook group “Keep Your censoring hands off of Canadian Film and TV! No to Bill C-10!” Democracy still works–who knew? And Canada Family Action Grand Wizard Charles McVety–censor this.


  1. Hey Bro Bill, just a note regarding CTV’s piece that you’re linking to…as it’s inaccurate. It reads that Bill C10 was passed. Not true.
    C-10 did not receive Royal Assent before Parliament was dissolved on Sept. 8, so it died. It’s back to back to square one.
    Maybe this means old Crusty Wig has learned a lesson ’bout messin’ with kulchur vulchurs…not likely.

  2. Harper said today her won’t re-introduce the offending part of the legislation. Doesn’t want to scare off business in this down economy. That’s a big fat move off the dig the heels in stance. I think the kulchur vulchurs had an impact.

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