DEER LAKE, NEWFOUNDLAND–I’ve been too busy chasing pucks and puck heads to post up on TV Feeds My Family the last few days. Christopher Bolton, the star, writer and creator of the Showcase series Rent-A-Goalie, called me up and invited me to join the cast and crew in a charity hockey game this week in this small but cozy Maritime community. Glad I said yes, the last few days have been a blur but they’ve also been a blast.
Rent-A-Goalie returns for a third season Monday at 9:30 p.m. on Showcase. Wrote about it this week for Canadian Press, you can read that article here. There’s also a report on last night’s hilarious hockey game in today’s Western Star (the Deer Lake newspaper), you can read that here.
I’ve give a full report (well, not completely full; as the locals say, what happens in Deer Lake stays in Deer lake) in the coming days when I’m not filing from the well-stocked Deer Lake library. The friendly librarians have been good about that 30 minute time limit rule but I don’t want to push my luck. Suffice to say money was raised and so were a few glasses. You haven’t lived until you’ve been Screetched-in at Langers bar, as Bolton and ex-NHLer Bob Probert were last night, to the delight of the Deer Lake regulars.
Have been undressed more than usual on defence (these senior league Deer Lake players were bloody amazing), I’m bailing on the next leg and heading back to Toronto tonight. Next stop for these knuckleheads: Fort McMurray, Alta, where the puck drops Saturday.


  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your short time on the Rock. I hope the weather wasn’t all R.D.F. (rain,drizzle and fog).

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